Hata's Affiliate Programme

By Hata Team

6/12/20247 min read

Welcome to Hata’s Affiliate Programme! We are thrilled to announce this programme to our users alongside the commencement of our Hata platform in Malaysia. 

By joining the Hata Affiliate Programme, you can easily earn 30% of your friend’s trading fees! To join this programme, all you need to do is:

  1. Share your unique affiliate code/link to your friends. 

  2. Have them enter your affiliate code and successfully register on our Hata platform. 

  3. Have your friends trade on our Hata Exchange platform.

  4. Enjoy 30% lifetime earnings rewards!

Here’s an illustration on how the Hata Affiliate Programme works:

For a detailed breakdown:

Step 1: Join the Hata Affiliate Programme

Anyone can be a Hata Affiliate! To get started, you will need to register an account on Hata and you will automatically receive your unique affiliate link/code that you can share with your friends and family. Your affiliate code is also your unique User ID, which can be found under Profile > Identification on your Hata platform.

For example, let’s say that Jade registers an account with Hata. After Jade completes her KYC-verification process, her account will be issued an affiliate code/link that is unique to her account. 

Jade then sends her affiliate code/link to Ray where he has the option to enter the given affiliate code by Jade in the input page to register an account (refer to Figure 1). Now, Ray successfully registers an account on Hata and inputs the affiliate code given by Jade. With this, Jade is now a Hata Affiliate and Ray is an invitee under her network. Additionally, Ray as a verified Hata user will also be given his own unique affiliate link/code that he is free to share with his own friends to become a Hata Affiliate himself.

Step 2: Start earning as a Hata Affiliate

As a Hata Affiliate, you will only start earning rewards when your invitees become ‘qualified invitees’ by performing trades on our Hata Exchange. Additionally, earned rewards can only be claimed at the end of each month by the inviter. Let’s illustrate this with an example between Jade (the Inviter) and Hayden, Aric, Tina and Abby (the invitees).

To start, Jade’s invitees, Hayden, Aric, Tina and Abby have registered an account on Hata using Jade’s affiliate code. In the month of May, each of her invitees except for Hayden have traded on the Hata Exchange with various crypto pairs, totalling to different trading volumes. As such, they each are assigned to different trading tiers which have different fee percentages for their trades on the Hata Exchange. At the end of the month, Jade’s affiliate earning rewards will be calculated by earning 30% of the total trading fees that her invitees have accumulated. Table 1 below shows an example of the amount that Jade has earned in the specified month.

Looking at Table 1 above, Aric, Tina, and Abby have traded on the Hata Exchange, qualifying them to be ‘qualified invitees’. On the other hand, Hayden is not considered a ‘qualified invitee’ as he has never performed a single trade on the Hata Exchange. This results in Jade obtaining earning rewards from Aric, Tina and Abby only.

Based on Table 1 above, Jade as a Hata Affiliate earned RM268.50 in a month just by referring her friends to the Hata platform via her unique affiliate code/link.

Please take note that the above table is just an estimate of how our calculations work. Exact figures of your earning rewards for the month may vary depending on several factors such as invitee’s tiers (based on past 30 day trading volume), type of trades (maker/taker), type of transactions (buy/sell) or type of Hata platform (Hata Malaysia/Hata Global).

To learn more about our tiers and fee levels, please visit our Fees page here. Subsequently, you may read our article, ‘What are the fees for trading on the Hata Exchange?’.

*Trading fees on the Hata Exchange only applies to market takers as market makers enjoy 0% maker fees.

**Trading fees on the Hata Exchange are collected in terms of crypto/fiat depending on the nature of the transaction (buy/sell). Below is an example of how trading fees are calculated:

  • [BUY] fees are based on the crypto the user is receiving in exchange for fiat,
    e.g.: Buy 1BTC@RM300,000, trading fees → 1BTC x 0.3% = 0.003BTC (equivalent to RM900)

  • [SELL] fees are based on the fiat the user is receiving in exchange for crypto,
    e.g.: Sell 1BTC@RM300,000, trading fees →  RM300,000 x 0.3% = RM900

Step 3: Validity of Affiliate Codes:

Affiliate codes are considered valid under certain conditions. For instance, if a new user has never used any affiliate/referral codes, and they enter the affiliate code from their friend within 30 days following the completion of their KYC verification, then the affiliate code is considered active and usable. This means that even if the affiliate code is applied after the initial KYC verification, as long as it's within the stipulated time frame and the user meets the eligibility criteria, they can still benefit from the affiliate programme. 

Other than that, a user may only enter one affiliate code after registering with Hata. Additionally, users who have already used the Single Referrals code are not eligible to enter an affiliate code. Finally, users will not be able to enter an affiliate code from another user that has signed up later than them.

In summary, all users are able to join the Hata Affiliate Programme as long as their invitee registers an account using the given affiliate code within 30 days of their signup, has never entered a single referrals code, and enters an affiliate code from a user that has signed up earlier than them. For the inviter to start earning 30% of the trading fee as earning rewards, the invitee may choose to perform a trade on the Hata Exchange anytime they wish to.

Join the Hata Affiliate Programme today and start earning rewards by inviting your friends to trade on our Hata Exchange. Track your progress, earn lifetime rewards, and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Hata community!

For more information, refer to the Hata Affiliate Programme T&Cs and the how-to guide on our website.

Thank you for choosing Hata!


1. What happens if an affiliate code is applied after the initial KYC verification?

As long as the code is applied within 30 days of a new Hata account registration, and your invitee performs a trade on the Hata Exchange at any time, you may be a part of our affiliate programme and obtain earning rewards from your invitee’s trading fees. 

2. Will my earning rewards expire if I do not claim it after a specified period of time?

You are not required to perform any action to claim your earning rewards from the affiliate programme. All rewards earned from your invitee’s trading fees will be automatically allocated into your account at the end of each month. Once the earning rewards have been allocated, Hata Affiliates will receive an in-app notification indicating that their rewards have been allocated into their account.

3. How many invitees can I have and is there a timeline on how long I can earn from their trading fees?

You may have as many invitees as you want! Your invitees will only become qualified invitees if they start trading on the Hata Exchange. Qualified invitees will stay as so even if they do not perform any trades in any subsequent months. This means that as long as they continue to trade on the Hata Exchange, you can earn 30% of his/her trading fees forever! Hata reserves the right to change or void a Hata Affiliate’s earning rewards in the event that Hata determines the affiliate to be engaging in actions such as but not limited to: 

  • abusing the Hata Affiliate Programme;

  • engaging in damaging/defaming behaviour towards Hata;

  • any other actions that are deemed against the Terms of Use set by Hata.  

4. What happens if my invitee has never performed a trade on the Hata Exchange even after several months or even years?

Do not fret! Even if your invitee has never performed a single trade on the Hata Exchange, they will simply be categorized as a regular invitee under your network. Should they choose to perform a trade one day, their status will be updated to qualified invitees in your personal Referrals Dashboard where you can start earning rewards from their trading fees. 

5. How can I keep track of my earnings and invitees?

Our Referrals Dashboard offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring both your personal progress and your invitee’s activities within the Affiliate Programme. You can easily keep track of your own progress, including the number of invitees, number of qualified invitees, and total earnings that you have earned throughout the lifetime of your account. 


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Table 1: Example of Hata's Affiliate Programme earning rewards in one month

Figure 1: Image of Hata's Sign Up Page