Introducing Hata Zero Fee Trading: Boost Your Crypto Inventory!

By Hata Team

6/12/20242 min read

To reward new users, Hata is implementing zero trading fees for market makers for a limited time only! Trade on Hata’s Exchange as a market maker, and pay no fees when any users take your orders!

What is Market Making?

Market making involves providing exchanges with liquidity, or crypto inventory to the Exchange’s order books to improve depths and supply on the order book. This enables trading execution at better prices and makes the platforms more attractive to users. Market makers create order books with consistently deep liquidity, tight spreads, and stable pricing, making exchanges more engaging with a high volume of ask/bid prices.

What Are Market Makers?

Market makers are essential participants in financial markets, including cryptocurrency exchanges like Hata. Cryptocurrency market makers are crucial because they provide liquidity to the market, enabling efficient and continuous trading by always being ready to buy or sell assets. This activity helps create a stable trading environment with tighter bid-ask spreads, ensuring that traders can buy and sell assets quickly and at competitive prices.

Hata Zero Trading Fees for Market Makers

On Hata, market makers enjoy zero trading fees, which means they do not incur costs when executing trades.

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Becoming a Maker on Hata Exchange

Becoming a maker on Hata Exchange is easy. Just place limit orders on the order book, specifying the price at which you want to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. As long as your orders aren’t immediately matched with existing ones, you qualify as a maker! You may also utilise the “post-only” mode on the Hata Exchange to ensure that your order is a maker order.

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